Group: Schüü

Group Schüü's to performance "Saoires", will be premiered in May 2017 and then taken to shut down prisons, at first in the partner countries (Estonia, Finland, Germany and Denmark), and then taken further to other European countries, with first focus on Baltic-Nordic region.


The group "Schüü" will perform in Komediehuset, which under the programme of 'Horsens - European Cultural Capital 2017', created the Freedom Prison project. The project will take place at an old state prison - Faengslet, where 130 musicians, actors, dancers and other artists will create sight-specific performances. Each group can freely interpret the words "freedom" and "prison" to create their own pieces in a space chosen inside the prison. The group formed by sharing the interest of researching these words and their meanings. As we come from different culutural backgrounds and histories, these words create different kinds of associations within us.

Our wish is to bring art to forgotten or less used spaces, to add another factor to the audience's experience.
And to focus on our different backgrouds, research the differnet responses of the audience in different countries.

The group consists of 6 circus artists. Martin Bogus (Germany),Juha-Matti Eskelinen (Finland), Merle Freund (Germany), Grete Gross (Estonia), Otto Tammivaara (Finland), Lizeth Wolk (Estonia)